IPL Hair Removal

ipl-1Free yourself From the daily chores of hair removal! There is an alternative to hair removal sessions which involve painfully ripping the hair from the skin. Now, thanks to IPL technology, your hair removal sessions will be more gentle and produce longer lasting results.

How does IPL work?

The light emitted during the flash is absorbed by the melanin - the pigment responsible for the colour of your hair. This light is then converted to thermal energy that destroys the hair by cauterising the vessels which nourish the follicle. Throughout the sessions, the IPL treatment prevents any hair regrowth.

Progress of your hair removal program

A noticeable decrease in hair regrowth since the 1st session. After each session, your hairs will begin to fall out over between 8 and 21 days. Throughout the sessions, your hairs will become more and more fine, and less and less dense. After the 6th to 8th session completed every 2 months, only 1 or 2 touchups a year will be necessary.

Will IPL work?

  • Will IPL work for me?
  • Your skin tone is pale to asian?
  • Your hairs are blonde to dark?
  • You want to be rid of unwanted body hair forever?

The latest generation eo device will work for you! Further more, your beauty technician will be able to advise you and answer all of your questions.

A painless Solution

A painless solution You will be seduced by the almost inexistent sensation at the moment of the flash. Only on more sensitive areas might you feel a slight tingle. And, even if the length of the sessions varies according to the area treated, you will still be surprised by the speed and gentleness of the treatment.

Progressive & Permanent

A solution that is progressively permanent and more affordable. Legs, armpits, bikini line, back, shoulders.. have you always dreamt of a long lasting solution to unsightly hairs? Being perfectly presented at all times has become more accessible thanks to our very attractive prices.