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Will it Last?

Threading is milder than other facial hair removal methods such as waxing or depilatory creams. It is less painful than waxing! The skin might become a little red temporarily but only a slight pinch is felt as a relatively large area is covered quickly each time.

Many devotees claim that they hardly feel any pain. Unlike waxing and creams, skin irritation is avoided as the top layer of dead skin is not stripped off or subjected to harsh chemicals in the process. Since the hair is removed from the root during threading, you don’t get ingrown hairs. Facial skin, especially around the eyes is too thin and delicate for waxing and can lead to wrinkles.


threadingFind out whyThreading has become the hottest, most-talked about method of hair removal.

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Body Therapy

bodyDeep Tissue Massage, Ayurvedic, Swedish and Indian head massage to relax, distress and rejuvenate you.

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FacialFocused on naturally improving the condition of the skin to provide outstanding instant and long-term results.

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Waxing Therapy

waxingWaxing can be used to remove hair from virtually any part of the body.

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